The human body has many different intricate systems and mechanisms which work together to absorb and make use of nutrients, and remove toxins and waste simultaneously. These processes are constantly being performed by all the cells and tissues to generate energy from nutrients, but it is also exposed to harmful substances daily. Proper elimination of toxins and wastes is crucial to prevent the excessive build-up of such substances as they inhibit the functions of enzymes and cells. If the body is overwhelmed by an excessive amount of toxins, disease-promoting conditions will arise. This takes place when normal waste elimination processes are insufficient to manage the toxin load. In such cases, additional detoxification is needed.

Recommended for 15 days every 2 months

We recommend 15 days cleanse because following our Malaysian unhealthy diet, there are too many toxins accumulated in the body, so we need to detox for a longer time of a total 15 days. These days are also a good time to kickstart and get used to a clean diet, and reduce our appetite.

The reason why a cleanse every two months is helpful for the body is because our red blood cells have a lifespan of 4 months before they are replaced. Therefore, a cleanse every half cycle helps improve the health of our blood cells and capable to carry more oxygen to our vital organs. This in turn leads to an increase in energy levels, more effective weight management, improved metabolism and enhance nutrient absorption.



NUREOX de’CLEANSE Fiber Plus is the first step to a healthier you. Made with all natural, plant-based ingredients, this beverage is loaded with dietary fiber aids with the detoxification and cleansing of your body. It helps to soak up potentially harmful compounds before they can be absorbed by the body, flush out toxins in your gut, and maximize the amount of nutrients it absorbs. You will experience improved health as well as a cleaner and more vibrant complexion.



NUREOX N’ZYME contains a synergistic blend of many digestive enzymes which serve to replenish the enzymes in the body. By consuming NUREOX N’ZYME, your body will be less likely to suffer due to toxins caused by improper digested food. In addition, NUREOX N’ZYME improves your digestion and ensures that you will get all the necessary nutrients you need for the maintenance of your body’s health as it detoxifies.



Containing a unique blend of ancient grains, NUREOX Grain is just what you need to get all the nutrients you need in just one glass. The complex carbohydrates in NUREOX Grain helps you to start the day right with a healthy meal. NUREOX Grain includes ancient grain and modern wheat. Both of these are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates which serve to nourish and provide a sustainable foundation for your body’s nutrition. You may replace an unhealthy meal with this highly nutritious beverage every day.



Protein is an essential nutrient because the body requires amino acids to form enzymes and other molecules which aid with detoxification. In order to remain healthy and avoid fatigue during detox, adequate protein intake is necessary.

NUREOX Protein ProMix contains pea protein, soybean powder, isolated soy protein, and other highly nourishing ingredients are the ideal mixture to increase daily protein consumption. It is a healthy meal replacement choice.



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